Crazy last couple of days

12 Feb

Whew! Talk about some madness around here lately. Here’s just a few tidbits from our weekend.

The weekend started out pretty laid back. Saturday morning I hit a couple yard sales. And it just wasn’t a good yard sale day for me. You know how some days you come home with a car full of loot and then others you find nothing good. Mine was the latter. And there was an awkward moment when people tried to push their stuff on me at one sale. At least for me it feels awkward. The lady told me “this shirt would look so good on you, it looks a lot better on then on the hanger, and it’s only five dollars.” That’s just a pet peeve of mine. Pushy people at yard sales. And I didn’t buy the shirt. Awwwwkwaard!!

After my yard saling, we took the kids to play at a playground. It’s seriously so much fun watching them play. They played with another couple of kids there and it was cool seeing them interact with other little kids. They had races around the playground area. It was so cute. It was such a beautiful day with blue skies and birds chirping. Oh yeah I love spring time!

Then later that day my son got sick with the stomach bug. Any parents of a sick young child know, it is not fun at all. I felt so bad for my son. He’s only three and he just kept telling me his tummy hurt. And then he got really sick. And of course I freaked out and was ready to take him to the doctor. Thankfully I have my husband to calm me down and tell me he’s ok. Kids get sick sometimes. And he was right.

I am so glad he is better today. Sunday was rough tho. He was even running a small fever with it. We spent the day in our pjs, watching cartoons and being completely lazy since he was feeling so bad. But, now he’s all good and being his playful happy self again.

This isn’t really big news or anything but we bought the set of The Hunger Games books. My hubby started reading the first one Saturday and he’s already on the second book. I’ve just started the first one and it’s really good so far. I keep telling him “stop, don’t read without me, I want to talk about it with you.” But, he said its too good to put down. *sigh* I guess I will have to read alone. I’m so mistreated haha.

And for our big news! Today one of our family members had a baby!! We are seriously so excited about that. And as soon as I can I want to go see them and the baby at the hospital. I wanted to go up there already but with my son being sick I’m going to wait until someone can watch them. It’s always so cool getting a new baby in the family tho!

So my weekend and today have just been a little chaotic. With the yucky stomach bug in the house and our brand new family member arriving I have done no house fixing up stuff. But, now things seem to be calming down again around here and I can get back to the “make our house a home” project. I still haven’t gave any updates on all the work I’m doing outside the house. The exterior house stuff I mentioned here. I can’t decide if I should give little updates about what I’ve done so far or wait and do a reveal at the end. Hmmm I’m thinking I’m going to do a reveal at the end.

I hope everyone had a good weekend! :-)

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