2 Jul

It’s not a difficult question as to who handles cleaning your apartment. Of course, there has to be no one but YOU.There’s no need to ask.

Although cleaning up is an annoying, boring and horrible task especially when your home is so messy, dirty and full of the bunch, it should not be the reason you quit tidying up. Remember, our homes are supposed to be the most comfortable place to live in. But how to make it comfortable when you’re lazy to clean? I tell you, it will just worsen the situation. If you don’t clean, it will just become dirtier. And to add, it will just stress you out seeing all the filth.

It should also be remembered that cleaning up amounts to making a bunch of decisions. Why? Because when you clean and go through your bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, and garage, putting each item away and complaining bitterly about how much you hate housecleaning needs a one of a kind house planning and quick response. This will reflect on: putting each item to where it belongs and trashing things you do not need anymore.

Real cleaning is not easy cleaning. It should be given time and effort. When you are lazy to clean but have no money to pay for a home cleaning service, prevention is the best resolution. Control was messing up and always bring things back to their places. The daily routine for cleaning should stick to your priorities. But if you prefer to hire for a cleaning service to do all the job and save your time from all the busy schedules, it’s not that bad as long as you have money to pay.

Since walking into a home that is clean and comfortable is a wonderful feeling, everyone should know that the duty of keeping home neat and clean is an excellent achievement. Keeping a messy and filthy home makes it inconvenient to live in. You will not only be embarrassed with your visitors and friends but with yourself too. You should know how to do it the proper way because it’s the etiquette of doing so. If you are renting an apartment, well, of course, you have to handle the apartment cleaning in nyc it, besides, you are the one who lives in it. It is very unethical if the one moving in next to you will exert all the effort cleaning all your junks. Same with your landlord or landlady, it is not him/her job to do the cleaning. It’s not nice. After all, it is you who have caused everything about the mess. You should understand this. It’s not an excuse that you’re feeling lazy, or you hate cleaning. All can clean. And it’s not an option. It’s a duty. Besides, it all upon you on how to make fun in cleaning.

How about turning the music on while scrubbing the bathroom? Or while fixing the bed? Or while doing the laundry? How about dancing while vacuuming the floor? And rapping your favorite rap lines while washing the dishes? You know there can be a lot of ways on how to make cleaning enjoyable. It will not only make you happy but also make your work fast and easy. Not only you’ll be saving money from hiring home cleaners, but also saving the embarrassment and discrimination from your friends and visitors who will come to see your home. You’ll be free from any pest and disease caused by roaches, and you’ll be relieved from any stress you might see inside your home.

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